Saturday, July 10, 2021

Factcheck: Taking the Wrong City to Task

The latest edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's "Take to Task," includes a reader complaint about a pothole.

"This is on Silverhill Road, Smokerise, in Stone Mountain. As you cross the speed bump you drop forcibly into these holes and feels as if you've hit the frame of the vehicle, even though you've slowed almost to a stop to cross the speed bump," Ray Rosenberg wrote.

The AJC says "We sent the issue to Stone Mountain and will keep you updated."

"Who's looking into it: Public Works Director, Jim Tavenner," the newspaper adds helpfully, referring to a longtime Stone Mountain official.

However, Smokerise is not in the City of Stone Mountain, it is in Tucker. The city limits of Stone Mountain do not extend north of the Stone Mountain Freeway (U.S. Highway 78), where Smokerise and Tucker are located.

Less than a quarter of a mile of Silver Hill Rd. is in the City of Stone Mountain. There are no speed bumps in Stone Mountain's section of the road and only a few minor potholes. It is likely that the letter-writer is actually referring to this section of Silver Hill Rd. in Tucker:

This speed bump and pothole are located just west of Musket Lane on Silver Hill Rd. in Tucker. 

Presumably, Stone Mountain will tell the newspaper to contact officials in Tucker about potholes in Tucker. Maybe someone at the AJC will be taken to task.