Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Stonecrest Mayor Lary faces federal charges of diverting Covid relief money

Stonecrest Mayor Jason Lary appeared in court Wednesday on criminal charges of wire fraud, conspiracy, and federal program theft related to $6.2 million in COVID-19 relief assistance received by the city.

Lania Boone, a bookkeeper for the Municipal Resource Partners Corporation, Inc., an entity contracted by Stonecrest to disburse the relief funds, has been charged with conspiring with Lary to steal the money.

Federal prosecutors said that approximately $108,000 in stolen funds were used to pay off the mortgage on a lakefront home that Lary owned, $50,000 went to paying Lary's back taxes, and $7,600 went to pay college tuition and rent for Boone's son. Money was also used for political purposes, they said.