Friday, November 22, 2019

Forgery claim in county small-business contract: report

WSB-TV reports there are questions about a DeKalb County program intended to help hundreds of companies owned by women and minorities.

A small business owner says her signature was forged on a contract where her business's name was used, the TV station says. She's complained to Decatur Police.

"They used us to get the bid and after they awarded the bid they feel like we do not need you anymore," the woman told reporter Richard Belcher.
WSB-TV aired video of county LSBE program representative Felton Williams avoiding Belcher's questions, telling him to contact a county's spokesman.

"Everyone needs to follow the rules and it can't simply be people getting paid and doing no work. It can't simply be that folks don't even know they are a part of a program. We can't have these kinds of things going on," Commissioner Nancy Jester said.

There are 338 small companies in the county that are certified in the LSBE program. They shared almost $10 million in county contracts in 2018.