Thursday, January 16, 2020

Clarkston halts curbside recycling because of rising costs

Clarkston has ended curbside recycling in the city and plans to open a temporary recycling location before the end of January.

The city says Waste Management, which handles the city's trash collections, wanted a 20 percent fee increase to continue to provide curbside recycling collection.

"Waste Management advis[es] the City that a very large percentage of recycling collected ends up in the landfill due to contamination," a statement from the city says.

"Significant changes in the recycling industry (world-wide) ... have significantly increased costs due to fewer countries importing U.S. recycling materials combined with fewer companies reusing paper, aluminum/tin cans, and plastics due to increased costs and fewer profits," it says.

The city says it is actively trying to find a way to resume curbside recycling as soon as possible. The 40 Oaks Nature Preserve, 3790 Market St., is being seen as the likely location for an interim recycling location.

Other cities around the country have ended their recycling services through Waste Management for similar reasons. The company says it is North America's largest recycler and claims that it has led the way in mixed recycling.